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One day President Bill Clinton call Prime Minister Chretien with an emergency, "Our largest condom factory has exploded!" the American President cried, "My peoples favorite form of birth control! This is a true disaster!"

"Chretien replies, "Bill, da Canadian pipple would be 'appy to do anyt'ing wit'in der power to 'elp you."

"I need your help,: said Clinton. "Could you possibly send 1,000,000 condoms asap to tie us over?"

"Certainment" I get right on it!" said Chretien.

"Oh, and one more small favor, please?" asked Clinton.


"Could the condoms be red, white, and blue in color and at least 10" long and 4" in diameter?"

"No problem," replied the Prime Minister and, with that, Chretien hung up and called the president of Trojan.

"I need a favor, you gots to make 1,000,000 million condom right away and sen' dem to Hamerica."

"Consider it done," said the president of Trojan.

"Great! Now lis'en, dey hab to be blue, blanc, et rouge in colour; at leas' ten hinches long and four hinches in diameter."

"Easily done. Anything else?"

"Yah," said Chretien, "an' print "MADE IN CANADA, SIZE SMALL" on each one"

The Great Canadian Joke Book
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