The Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke BookThe Great Canadian Joke Book
The Great Canadian Joke Book

There was a big, Big, BIG land, it was bordered on three sides with, big, Big, BIG waters.

What do you call that?

The first residents called it Turtle island. Some turtle! These people hade so much land they became permanent tourists. They had no jobs so they wandered around in "recreational vehicles", called horses. They were rich in all ways, they wore furs, colourful feathers and jewellery made with beads. They camped in little houses called "Tipis", BUT they didn't own anything. They had no taxes, credit cards, no banks ...because they had no MONEY... crazy eh?

One day white "Yerapeein" people showed up in big wooden boats and claimed all the land for their Queen. They had names like Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, Samuel du Champlain, Wayne and Shuster, and Don Cherry. Some folks got jobs in the fur business as "courier du bois", like (FedEx for the fur trade). Meanwhile the silly white men thought they were in India, but their GPS systems were way off, actually they were in North America. Their favourite sayings were "keep yer stick on the ice" and "we own everything". Indians didn't get the owning idea at all.

The "Yerapeeins" kept on coming as settlers, Indians were trading furs and being our tour guides around the country. They traded "beaver pelts" for muskets, ammo and firewater. They partied every night. One day the "Hudson's Bay Company" made a coin and they called it a "buck" which was equal in value to one male beaver pelt. This was Canada's first coin.

As years passed Canada's money changed many times finally to lightweight paper dollars because beavers were becoming scarce. Different money came and went but Canadians liked birds a lot, so we put birds on our money. We became the Bird Money People.

So in 1987 we changed paper bird money into a "coin". This one dollar coin has a bird on it called a Loon. This coin is called the Loonie. Then we made a two dollar coin, we call this the Toonie.

Our money is now the envy of the world. And ... why is that?

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